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99 Missions Teams,


Thanks again for playing 99 Missions!  This year’s event raised over $5000 for the Rotary Burlington North Foundation. We couldn’t have done it without your heartfelt support, effort, and pledges! All proceeds will be used by the Foundation to help those in need in Burlington.


We had an amazingly tight race for the Top-3 spots.  After awarding all Bonus Points, we are pleased to announce the Top-3 teams:


  • Team 61 - Love a Liddle, with 1648 points, wins a $300 gift card for the Black Swan

  • Team 64 - Sur-Fivers, with 1645 points, wins a $100 gift card for Culaccinos

  • Team 67 - Mission Fruition, with 1637 points, wins a $100 gift card for Sotiris

The effort and creativity invested by each of these teams was truly awesome.  We thank you for making the game interesting and fun to watch!


Thankfully, we also have draw prizes to console the teams that played hard but didn’t quite make the Top-3.   Each point earned by the remaining teams earned a ballot in our prize draw.  Here are the winners from the draw:  


  • Team 60 - Waychison Warriors: Jays tickets (2)

  • Team 69 - Team69: Famous Players Movie Passes (2)

  • Team 4 - The Warrington Clan: Far Away Gift Card for 2 Hours of Time

  • Team 6 -  Danger Noodles: Canadian Tire Gift Card for $50 

  • Team 1 - Havin' Fun: Running Room Gift Card for $45

  • Team 65 - The Happy Campers: LCBO Gift Card for $50

  • Team 66 - That DARN Great Team: Golf Town Gift Card for $50

  • Team 70 - Lettuce Do Our Best: Zortech Air Purified

  • Team 13 - Gould / Macpherson: Lowville Bistro Gift Card for $100


We will contact all winning teams in the coming week to arrange a time to drop off the prizes.


Thanks again, and congratulations on a game well-played!


99 Mission Organizers

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