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99 Missions Rules & Regulations





1. This event is open to all Ontario Residents over the age of 13. 


2. Each team can have no more than 5 players. All proof images submitted during the game will be verified.  If these images indicate that your team has more than 5 players your team will have its points revoked at the end of the game and will not be eligible for prizes.




3. By submitting text, photo, or video answered missions, the entrant agrees that the submissions comply with all of the conditions stated in these rules. 


4. By submitting text, photo, or video answered missions, the entrant authorizes the organizers of 99 Missions to use the submission for promotional purposes. The entrant understands that texts, images and videos will remain the property of game organizers.


5. The email address of each entrant will be collected for the purpose of administering the game and awarding prizes.




6. The organizers of 99 Missions will review all photos and videos that are submitted as ‘proof’ that a mission has been completed. This will be done throughout the game. If organizers conclude that a photo, or video, does not conclusively show that a mission has been completed, then the game organizers will revoke the points for the mission that was claimed by the team or individual that uploaded the photo or video.  Teams and individual players will not be explicitly notified when the game’s organizer have revoked their points.  The points will simply be deleted, and the mission in question will be reactivated on the account so that it can be completed with indisputable proof, if desired.  The organizer’s decisions and actions on these matters will be final. Appeals will not be considered.   



7: One Top-Prize valued at $300 will be awarded to the team that earns the most points in the game. The top team score must be higher than all other team scores in the game. In the event of a tie, one winner will be picked at random from the pool of top-scoring team entries.



8. Ten (10) draw prizes will be awarded at the end of the game. Draw prizes will range in value from $20 to $50. Every point that a team or individual earns in the game will represent one ballot that will be entered into a prize draw. (e.g. If your team earns 100 points in the game, we will put 100 ballots in the prize draw under the name of your team.)  The prize draw will be held one day following the end of the game. 


9. All prizes winners will be contacted by email through the email address used to register for the game.


10. Prizes will be delivered to all winners in the weeks following the event. Photo ID will be required to collect the prize.


11. Prizes cannot be exchanged for other monetary value. Prize cannot be refunded. The organizers of 99 Missions are not responsible for any loss or damages incurred after claiming the prize. The organizers of 99 Missions are not responsible for incurring costs associated with the prize. 




12. This event and contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


For questions or concerns, please contact game organizers at:

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