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Frequently Asked Questions About 99 Missions: 

Q:  What is the purpose of this event?

A:  99 Missions is a fundraiser for Rotary Burlington North Foundation.  Our goal is to support their efforts to provide help to those in need within our community. We also hope that it gets our participants out of the house for some fun and fresh air. Our Missions will involve activities and exploration throughout Burlington.  Along the way, we hope players get to know more about Rotary in Burlington, event sponsors and the City of Burlington.


Q:  If this is a charitable event, who does it benefit?

A:  All proceeds will go to help people in Burlington.  The proceeds will be collected by the Rotary Burlington North Foundation. This foundation supports people in need in our community through a variety of programs.


Q:  When does the event take place?

A:  Registration is now open and you can register any time during the event period.  Participants will be able to complete Missions starting May 13th, 2022, at 7:00 am. The game ends on May 23rd, 2002, at 8:00 pm.


Q:  Is 99 Missions COVID-safe?

A:  99 Missions was designed with strict COVID-19 safety measures in mind.  This event offers a variety of individual and team missions to accommodate all protocols. We encourage everyone to stay safe while playing and follow the COVID-19 Ontario Public Health Guidelines.


Q: Are there new missions this year?

Yes! Last year's teams had so much fun that we know they want to play again.  The vast majority of mission in the game (+80 missions) will be new for 2022.  Those that are not new will be tweaked from those in the 2021 game to make them a bit different. 


Q:  How much does it cost?

A:  The registration fee is $40 per family or team.  You can have 5 players on a team, so that's just $8.00 per player! 



Q:  How do I register for 99 Missions?

A:  It is easy to register for 99 Missions.  Visit our Registration Page  to get started


Q:  How is the money raised in the event?

A:  The event will raise funds through two routes:

  1. 100% of all pledges go to the Rotary Burlington North Foundation

  2. A significant portion of the registration fee will go to the Rotary Burlington North Foundation

Please encourage others to register and ask your friends and family to pledge their support to the event in your name.


Q:  Will I get a charitable tax receipt and who will issue it?

A:  All pledges made during the game are considered a charitable donation to the Rotary Burlington North Foundation.  An official receipt will be issued by the Foundation through Canada Helps. This receipt will be issued to the person who pledged support. This receipt can be used when filing annual tax returns. Please note CRA rules do not allow us to issue a tax receipt for the game's $40 registration fee. 


Q:  Why is Canada Helps involved?

A:  We use the services of Canada Helps to collect the funds from registration and pledges. They issue the tax receipts for The Rotary Burlington North Foundation.  You can register for 99 Missions directly through their website or through this website. 


Q:  Is this event open to anybody?

A:  The event is open to all residents of Ontario. Those under the age of 13 can play, but cannot use the Goose Chase App.  All players can receive pledges from anyone, anywhere.


Q:  Can my family enter as a team?

A:  Yes.  Your immediate family members can all be on one team.  Please ensure all local COVID regulations are followed.  There is a maximum of 5 players per team. If we find that a team has more than 5 players, that team will not be eligible for prizes.  


Q:  Do all members of a team need to be in every photo or video? 

A:  No, just one member of a team needs to be seen in the photos and videos submitted as proof that a mission has been completed. 


Q:  Why do you need my email address?

A:  Email addresses will be used to issue tax receipts, to run the event and to enable us to award prizes.


Q:  How can I be sure that other teams are playing by the rules and actually doing the missions to earn points in the game?

A:  All missions require verification photos, videos, texts or GPS coordinates.  Game organizers will review these regularly and ensure that they demonstrate that missions have been completed correctly.  This event has been developed to support those in need in Burlington; it is expected that people will keep this in mind and play fairly. 


Q:  Is there any way to play 99 Missions without submitting photos, videos, text or GPS coordinates to prove that each mission was completed?

A:  No.  The only way we can verify that people have completed missions is to review the information they upload through the Goose Chase App.


Q:  Will the photos and videos I send as 'proof' be displayed in public?

A:  By submitting photos, videos, texts, and GPS coordinates to complete missions, the entrant authorizes the organizers of 99 Missions to use the submission for promotional purposes. The entrant understands that texts, images and videos will remain the property of game organizers.


Q:  What prizes will be awarded?

A:  One top-prize will be awarded to the team that earns the most points in the game.  In the event of a tie, one winner will be picked at random from those tied.


There are over ten (10) draw prizes in the game. Draw prizes will be awarded at the end of the game. Draw prizes will range in value from $20 to $50. Every point that a team or individual earns in the game will represent one ballot that will be entered into a prize draw. (e.g. If your team earns 100 points in the game, we will put 100 ballots in the draw under the name of your team.)  The prize draw will be held one day following the end of the game.  Prizes cannot be exchanged or refunded.


Q:  How will I know if me or my team won a prize?

A:  All prizes winners will be contacted by email using the email address that was used to register for the game. 


Q:  Why do I have to download the Goose Chase App?

A:  We run 99 Missions through the Goose Chase App.  The app has been specifically designed for this type of event.  All the missions are listed in the app; when you complete a mission you will be asked to send a confirmation photo, video or  text message through the app.  The app will also track points for a those in the game, and show team and individual totals throughout the event. 


Q:  How can I become a sponsor of 99 Missions?

A:  We welcome all offers of sponsorship for this event or for our organizations (Salvation Army Burlington Community & Family Service and Rotary Burlington North).  If you would like to sponsor our efforts please contact us at

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